Little Mexico Mexican Restaurant
Our Story
MargaritasIrma and Ignacio Bravo lived in Chicago for 12 years. In 1991, they relocated to Crawfordsville, IN when the company they were working for, Atapco Industries, offered them both a transfer.

While at the Crawfordsville company, Irma would pack Ignacio’s lunch with authentic homemade Mexican food. Fellow co-workers would ask for samples often and were intrigued by the different flavors and delicious taste. Soon, Irma was cooking enough food for nearly everyone on the shift. Several coworkers encouraged them to open a local Mexican Restaurant as there wasn’t one within 30 miles of the town.

They knew there would be a significant cost and considerable risk involved in the endeavor. Since they didn’t have substantial savings and area banks would not approve a loan for this venture, they asked family members for assistance. With the help of family and credit cards they were able to open Little Mexico.

Irma and Ignacio opened the doors to Little Mexico in the Fall of 1993 at 211 E. Main St., in downtown Crawfordsville. On opening day, the food ran out and people raved about the new restaurant. The Bravo’s were amazed at the amount of support showed by the community.

In celebration of their 16th anniversary Little Mexico decided to change the look of their restaurant. By incorporating some of Mexico’s rich history into their décor, they felt they could offer the community a little bit of insight as to who the family is, where they’re from and what the culture is all about.

The Bravo family appreciates all the encouragement, support and patronage of everyone over the past 20 years and looks forward to many more.
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211 E. Main Street, Crawfordsville, IN